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Digital Transformation or ERP Implementation

Pick the right path for your company Digital Transformation or ERP Implementation. How about you find both on the same path MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 – The only platform that has the power of both: Digital Transformation and ERP  

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(By: Shahzad Ali, CEO – Forte Business Solutions) Project Types in Project Management Module and Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Due to the presence of powerful modules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the efficiency of the project module and its accounting is sometimes overlooked. And this powerful, flexible module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is less used […]

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Dynamics 365 and AI for Business Enterprise

Be it sales, customer service or financials, artificial intelligence is embedded in every application of Dynamics 365. Microsoft has brought AI and mixed reality to Dynamics 365 aiming to accelerate the functionality of the business application. You might have seen artificial intelligence in science fiction. In its truest form, AI has the potential to reshape […]

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Empower Your Data With Power BI

(By: Shahzad Ali, CEO – Forte Business Solutions) Your organization will often have large data from ERP software, online store, and social media, and your data may be distributed over more than one distributed database! Yes, this is happening in many enterprises. Therefore, there is a need for solutions based on collecting this data and […]

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Change Management – Explained!!!

By: Shahzad Ali, CEO – Forte Business Solutions Companies rarely address the issue of change or so-called Change Management, although it is very important to those who want to apply any system in the company, especially ERPsystems. In general, it is the only ongoing process in the organization. Effective management takes careful steps to manage change smoothly without violent […]

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Big Data – Concept & Terminology

By: Shahzad Ali, CEO – Forte Business Solutions With the proliferation of Big Data and the expansion of its use, there is confusion between some of the amateur or students between data, information, knowledge and Big Data. As Big Data is becoming more widely used these days and a target for many specialists! In this […]

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Challenges in field service-Dynamics 365 for Field Service as a solution

Every business vertical faces unique challenges and hence one-fit-for-all solution isn’t helpful. When it comes to field service challenges, we have a more tactical and strategic approach. Let’s our first look at the obstacles faced in this industry and then we will reveal the solution that your whole team can comply. Customers expect good service […]

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Accelerate Customer Relationship Management With AI-infused Sales Insights

Over and over you have heard or read that Dynamics 365 helps your business generate revenue while you spend less time logging every customer activity and updating Dynamics 365 data. In this blog we are going to focus on this amazing feature that lessen your workload and give you more meaningful insights. Less is more! […]

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Dynamics 365 Project Operations “New PSA” Announced

Microsoft has released Dynamics 365 Project Operations, the latest module in the suite of cloud business applications. It is indeed the successor of the current project management app-Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. As it is scheduled to become generally available from October 2020, customer who are already using Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation will be […]

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Accelerate your business with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the enthusiastic association between a customer and the brand. Customers who are connected with brands via various platforms purchase more, advance more, and show more devotion. Giving an amazing client experience is a significant part of your client commitment strategy. A positive client experience not only brings joy to your customer but […]

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