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Building a more successful workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft delivers a solution that enables the business to build a team and create a workplace where people can succeed. To help achieve this Dynamics 365 is used in the talent acquisition market to enforce HR policies across key areas.

In the latest announcement, Microsoft is repacking some of the core HR capabilities in Dynamics 365 Talent. The new additions will be releasing as Dynamics 365 Human Resource in 2020. In short, Dynamics 365 will be rebranded as Dynamics 365 Human resources.

Coming to Dynamics 365 for Talent, it was made available in July 2017 and since then it has started its road in human capital management.  The Talent app helps its users manage and engage with their employees throughout their entire working journey into five steps- attract, onboard, engage, learn and optimize, and licensing.

Along with its integration with other Dynamics 365 apps and Office 365, Dynamics 365 Talent offers the giant advantage of LinkedIn. Being a premier social network site, LinkedIn is used for hiring and recruiting, so this feature consolidates and enriches Microsoft’s new offerings.

With Dynamics 365 for HR, Microsoft can now focus on core HR functionalities that help you find and hire the right people, nurture success and deliver high impact sustainable results.

The talent and skills of employees are among your company’s most valuable asset. Dynamics 365 for Human Resource will transition to build a data-driven employee experience across compensation, benefits, leave and absence, compliance, payroll integration, performance feedback, training and certification, and self-driven programs.

The all-new Dynamics 365 for Human Resources is focused on transforming employee experience, optimizing HR programs, improving organizational ability, and enabling workforce insights. The best in class methodology in Dynamics 365 integrates into everything you need to realize the full potential of your employees.

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