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Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV Difference Explained

Dynamics NAV v/s 365 Business Central – Primary Difference

It is just unclear to choose the right tool from the range of unparalleled modules from the Microsoft bouquet.  As the name suggests these tools are indeed dynamic and capable of perplexing the user. The Dynamic suite gets upgraded regularly.  Dynamics AX got upgraded to Dynamics 365 Finances & Operations. Further many apps have been integrated into the Dynamics 365 suite.  No wonder the clients are seemingly confused about this evolving technology.

At the time of the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central, many realized that Dynamics NAV takes a tad less space and would refer to Business Central instead when we spoke about ERP solutions relevant to small and medium enterprises.

Well, the major difference between Dynamics NAV v/s Dynamics 365 Business Central is nothing special to write home about.  First, learn to make the basic distinction between each other.  Recognize and understand the development process of the Dynamics 365 suite comprehend the one that suits your choice.

We shall delve into Dynamics 365 Business Central rather than Dynamics NAV, for the present.

In order to provide a complete solution to help enterprise managers to manage their workload for increased performance and productivity, Microsoft designed Dynamics NAV which is part of the ERP suite.  This is when we talk about Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central in reality. Incidentally, Dynamics NAV has the provision to be operated on-site first and not on the cloud; which is one of the highlights of this product.

Talking of highlights, Dynamics NAV was substantially supplementing for small or medium businesses. For those who came in late, Dynamics AX has upgraded to Dynamics 365 Finances & Operations while Dynamics NAV has come to be known as Business Central with more features.

Major difference between Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central

You will see that the difference is not in the apps or the main body of the solution.  The main difference is in the platform that each solution uses. Dynamics NAV v/s Dynamics 365 Business Central: NAV can be implemented and operated directly on site as it is installed on local servers,  Where as Dynamics 365 Business Central is hosted on the cloud.

Business Central includes all the apps that one would find in NAV, but they have been redesigned keeping in mind the users to work seamlessly, gracefully and consistently on the cloud.

Dynamics 365 Business Central:  A refreshing change

It has been clearly stated that Dynamics NAV could be found in Dynamics 365 Business Central and Business Central gathers the same apps that you trust which allows you to manage your complete business.

Additionally, you will find a solution that has been built for the cloud, exclusively. In this way, you stand to benefit from the flexibility, freedom, and power of the cloud even without the burden of on-site solutions, etc.

However, you will finally, find a solution:

Transition to the cloud with your ERP & Business Central

Heart of hearts we expect the growth of cloud-hosted solutions.  We see the interest expand with many benefits simply to take advantage of.

The primary benefits being the system that includes your data and your processes existing in one place.  It is beside the point to bother about servers or managing data backups. There is also the benefit of not having to attend to physical infrastructures and overhead costs related to updating the ERP system the onus of which lies with your ERP partner.

Last but certainly not the least, as it is one of the essential components, a cloud-hosted ERP solution, without its physical infrastructure to maintain, is capable of monitoring the growth of your business enterprise. All you have to do is to call your partner to get more hosting space or change your plan/order access to include more apps according to your business. It is as simple as that!

The all-new function of Dynamics Business Central: Privileged access to apps on the cloud

There are scores of benefits to choose from the cloud. The resourceful Business Central offers the ability to download or install any extensions created even by an independent vendor directly from the Microsoft App Source. What more, you will be able to test them to explore their functions and retain or uninstall them instantly according to the needs of your business.

Quite obviously, this option is not available for the on-premise Dynamics NAV.  Not everything is lost for NAV in the confusion to understand between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central.  Just a gentle reminder, that Dynamics NAV allows you to customize app functions and develop extensions for optimal advantage from your solution.

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