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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management Solution​

Forte business solution for healthcare industry provides you the best and competitive solution. Our enterprise solution helps healthcare providers to achieve twin objective: quality patient care and significant cost reduction. All will lead you to deliver the best patient care possible.

On the other hand, patients get access to the consolidated information of their medical reports to timely schedule the appointments and promptly make decisions with our customized enterprise software for healthcare industry.

Patient Management

Patient management module helps you in maintaining all details of patient including tests, reports, billing, along with patient demographic details and so on.

  • Birth Registration, Ported To Govt. Portal
  • Treatment Required
  • Consultant In-Charge
  • Inpatient & Outpatient
  • Analysis Of Test Result
  • Medication Management
  • Recording Patient’s Clinical Data
  • Receipts, Refunds, Credit Note
  • Death Registration, Ported To Govt. Portal

Laboratory Management

Our pathology module is designed to maintain all the reports for Hematology, Biochemistry, Serology, Neurology and other laboratory tests. You get the required reports instantly without any errors.

  • Service and test setup
  • Sample collection process
  • Access previous lab results based on tests and UHID number
  • Maintaining patient records and test records
  • Test report management
  • Appointment management for test
  • Enhanced inventory management

Pharmacy Management Module

This module has a provision of FIFO and LIFO dispensing methods. Manufacturing dates and expiry dates clearly indicating to avoid wrong dispensing of medicines.

  • Accepting E-prescription through different departments
  • Alerts when the stock is at minimum level
  • Provides the list of drugs available
  • Barcodes/ Labels
  • Inventory management

Admission, Transfer and Discharge (ADT)

The module seamlessly tracks admission, discharge, transfer of in-patients and out-patients along with cost associated throughout the process.

  • Patient Care Module
  • Casualty & Emergency System
  • Bed, Ward, OT Management
  • Nursing Management
  • Recording The Doctors And Nursing Notes
  • Captures Detailed Information Of Patient Condition
  • E-Prescribing Of The Medications
  • Clinical Packages Management

Information Desk Module

The module deals with all types of enquiries received in regard to the hospital and in regard to patients who are registered or admitted.

  • Appointment enquiry
  • Tariff enquiry
  • Patient enquiry
  • Visitor pass management
  • In-patient and other patient enquiry
  • Consultation enquiry

Queue Management Module

Queue management module make the process of patient consulting with doctors easy and hassle free.

  • Token assigning to patients
  • Display doctor case studies and hospital information
  • Wait time display for doctor consultation
  • LCD/LED display for current calls made by doctors

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