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How data, analytics, and insights can improve manufacturing process?

Manufacturers have been able to reduce waste and bring variability in their process, dramatically improving product quality and yield. This is because of the implementations of advance analytic application like Dynamics 365 offering range of tools and processes for manufacturers of all types.

The manufacturing suite has long been favored by manufacturing businesses. The benefits and aspects of Dynamics 365 for manufacturers deliver an end-to-end combination of ERP & CRM capabilities to businesses.

With Dynamics 365 manufacturers feels digitally empowered to engage with customers through the product lifecycle and understand future trends that may impact production or product design.

The integration of digital and physical systems improved visibility, increased efficiency adding flexibility to leverage data from the factory to the customer care center. This improved every aspect of manufacturing operations.

For example, a large automation industry can benefit from automating the collection and analysis of data from remote location across the supply chain. The company can increase its competitiveness with faster time to market.

The use of PowerBI and AI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide real-time insights into data, which enables manufacturers to monitor machines and resolve any issues remotely.

The solution offers employees of a manufacturing company to work more efficiently, and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to resolve customer issues faster.

Dynamics 365 helps an account manager in the manufacturing company to convert opportunities into sales. It has tools & capabilities to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Production planner is able to ensure there is on-hand inventory for order fulfillment. To ensure inventory availability you can generate a demand forecast that leverages Azure machine learning to accurately predict future demands for the company’s product & services.

A product delivery team gets to ensure that good quality product are delivered to the customer on time. Service delivery personnel use a custom-built restocking app using Microsoft Power apps which guide prompt walks through the loading process. The app even suggests driving routes and if a component is found missing from the delivery the comment section is app updates it to back office.

The customer service executive manages incoming service requests from Dynamics 365. The executive can review alerts generated by remotely connected devices.

This is how Dynamics 365 empowers manufacturing companies. For more information, you can contact us and book a free consultation session for implementing Dynamics 365 in your manufacturing unit.

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