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SAP s4 HANA, Oracle enterprise solution & Microsoft Dynamics 365 comparison

Looking forward, companies want to close the gap between their existing implementation and the feature set that is coming out in the market. Global companies constantly search for enterprise software that can streamline and make their business process aligned with company goals. Enterprise solutions help customer organization, human resource, financial management, inventory control, and supply chain management under one platform. Above all, enterprise solution helps every company to unify people, processes and technology across the organization. Evaluating an ERP system for large and SMEs business is overwhelming. In this article, we’ll help you make an informed decision while choosing the most adaptable enterprise solution for your business.


So we first start the comparison with market share. SAP is truly the leader and maintains a foothold in the enterprise market. Oracle is more focused on developing and acquiring a product line. Oracle is a decent solution for a niche player and is known for its robust role-based security system. Microsoft is expanding its offering via Dynamics 365 which is suitable for organizations of all sizes looking for a less complicated solution.

Module wise chart of SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft


Oracle Enterprise solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Besides these, Microsoft Dynamics offers several in-built integrated applications like Office 365, SharePoint for Business, OneDrive for storage, SQL reporting service integration, Microsoft project server integration.

Surely one cannot decide simply from module offerings. So, what are the major differences between SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics enterprise software range?

For a CIO or IT manager who particularly works with clients to implement different strategies need to have a clear view of all these three products. Instead of giving you an insight into these products strength and weaknesses conceptually or based on quantitative research, we are presenting an overview based on years of experience in implementing these products.

In terms of cloud maturity, all three products are offered as software as a service. SAP has more maturity level as compared to Microsoft and Oracle. This is because SAP has a more integrated solution to begin with and quicker cloud migration. Oracle on-premise edition has a lot more functionality than its cloud-based edition. Due to its integration with JD Edwards and People Soft, this seems to be much easier and it can reconcile the differences between these solutions. Microsoft offers both on-premise and cloud-based editions of Dynamics 365 and is more economical in terms of implementation.

Coming to the scalability of solutions, all three solutions have an edge with the ability to create a common platform for bigger companies across multiple geographies. They can handle Fortune 500 to Fortune 1000 organizations. The real race is in who can allow an organization to scale the easiest and fastest. If yours is a global company, s4 HANA is capable of standardized operations, followed by Oracle cloud and the Dynamics 365. So in terms of scalability of solution for top tire companies SAP and Oracle has an edge over Microsoft.

On the contrary, when we compare Microsoft with SAP and Oracle, Dynamics 365 is clearly a win. It offers you the way you want to use it suitable to your business processes. From a usability perspective, Dynamics 365 is easier to learn in the short term (because of its Microsoft look), the customization and integration toolset and employee adoption. For Oracle and s4 HANA, it is a bit harder to retain flexibility.

All in all, now comes the question which one to choose? We’re sure that will save your lot of time and effort in the software evaluation process. Each solution above its own strength and weaknesses and the implementation depends on what type of business you are in. In a fancy way, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft enterprise solutions are not one-solution-fit-all type.

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