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Use Chatbots with Dynamics 365 for enhancing customer experience & satisfaction

Customer experience and customer engagement are two inseparable phrases of the same coin in the online marketing E-Commerce parlance. Yet their interpretations are poles apart. Customer experience is an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship, which could be specifically an issue related to a survey, a promotion, service or grievance etc. Customer engagement is a compilation of customer experiences that impact engagement vis-à-visadvocacy, loyalty etc. In fact, both customer experience and customer engagement are important to a company’s overall success.

The appreciative customer experiences are always encouraging. This helps to differentiate your brand which results in memorable brand touch points.

The customer experience can get enhanced through AI or artificial intelligence as data gets processed fast through AI enabled Chatbots that also interpret the meaning and can even personalize the experience. Remember not AI Chatbots are meant for enterprise organizations, one can get optimal benefit from AI to improve their customer connection and relations.


Expecting Quality Service

It is high time customers view timeliness as a critical element for efficient, simple and quality service. Perhaps one of the best ways to build these values is to offer a friction-free experience to the eroding customers. Often, one finds customers who wish to interact with the company anytime and anywhere by using any device on any platform.

24×7 self-service

Customer expectations and demands have never ceased, on the contrary they seem to rise constantly. At the end of the day, we want the customers to be satisfied. To resolve customers’ routine product or service issues and consistently offer a positive customer experience, is to create a 24/7 self-service option. By simplifying the self-service experience and putting customer service content within reach, you can make your customers contented and retain them.

Help Through Virtual Agents

There are some contentious and complex issues that are not quickly available via self-service. It is quite an irritating instance like searching an FAQ or knowledge based online topic but not finding the desired answer.

Know more about dynamics 365 chat-bot see overview .

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