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Uses of Power BI in various industries

What is BI?


Business Intelligence helps organizations gain much deeper insights. It transforms complex data into business insights and is useful information to meet your business needs.

How is BI used to solve real problems within an organization?

A retailer’s accounting system records sales transactions on a daily basis. So rather than having the accounting data sit around only to be touched while producing financial statements, the retailer could utilize BI to analyze the data by sales in a region, product categories, customer gender, year/ month and even employee.

With the use of BI the retailer can identify future sales opportunities; make better interactions with suppliers to make the most out of procured products.


What industry do you use Power BI for?

 Any industry where BI & Reporting work is required can use Power BI.


Power BI helps the retail industry to bring the amount of data available like transactions, supply chain, buying behaviors, trends, multi-channel sales, and global coverage in one place and keeps the current data allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time.


Power BI is a great tool for insurance analysts. You get to visualize claims, premiums, fraud, sales, and customer satisfaction data with ease and in one place. Spot claims and payment trends faster.


Power BI provides an overview of the fleet’s status, predictions for near-term changes to the fleet’s technical health. The predictions are based on multiple machine learning models and use the aircrafts’ data recorder along with other data sources.


Power BI helps manufacturers in monitoring real-time data from multiple sources into one dashboard and drill down to identify issues when necessary. Also, you get real-time alerts with Power BI mobile apps which minimize response times.

Power BI is used in professional services, consumer packaged goods (CPG), telecommunications, energy, public sector, capital markets, and many more industries. 

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