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(By: Shahzad Ali, CEO – Forte Business Solutions)


Attracting, co-coordinating, and managing the talents and human resources of any organization is essential. However, most organizations face a set of challenges, including a lack of talent and skilled workforce to tackle issues such as poor employee engagement and the loss of top talent to other organizations. Employers worry about a shortage of skilled workers. One competitive advantage that separates successful organizations from unsuccessful ones is; individuals.

The question is, how do you ensure that you have the best recruitment needed by the organization?

One way is to use Microsoft Human Resources Management Software – Dynamics 365 for Talent. It enables you to get the best results by recruiting the right people, ensuring optimal readiness, interaction and growth, through exceptional experiences throughout the process that a talented person goes through.

What sets Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, apart from other applications?

The HR module in any ERP solution integrates and manages the entire HR process with many required functions such as employee master data, payroll management and retention policy. However, they are usually not employee-centric and are often not as useful to managers, HR staff and current or future employees of the organization. Dynamics 365 for Talent is the answer to your HCM strategy – a diversification from Microsoft’s core focus on finance and operations management. Dynamics 365 for Talent, offers unlimited capabilities to meet the varied needs of human resources across organizations across the globe.

The Right Start:

The process of customer success begins with the hiring of strong, skilled and committed staff. Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to compete for the best candidates, a major need in today’s highly competitive job market. This product makes it possible to connect with candidates from the first call to acceptance. You can simplify and streamline your hiring process experience by simplifying the interview planning process and increasing transparency between candidates, staff and the recruitment team. You can also lead the interview process well by setting up a proper and effective interview team. Receiving immediate feedback between the recruitment team and candidates can shorten the time available for filling a vacancy.

Participation of Candidates:

The cost of hiring a wrong person is often far more than losing a good job. Recruiting the right candidates requires a transparent and compelling experience to keep them committed throughout the recruitment process. Dynamics 365 for Talent, lets you gain an important and needed edge in getting the right candidate by displaying your corporate culture and creating a good image. It provides candidates with the opportunity to track job applications, access interview times and transparency throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that candidates are involved in the process.

Organizational Acceptance:

People may forget your words, but they will never forget how you treated them and how they felt – especially on the first day of work! The hiring process does not stop with the submission of a request for participation, but will continue until after the person’s login and organizational acceptance. Often, new recruits find problems on their first day or first job, such as trying to reach the right people, accessing the right tools and the information they need. With Dynamics 365 for Talent, you can create step-by-step training and coordination templates for every new employee and invite them from day one. New employees will know their expectations by providing them a list of activities to be done, the right people to meet, training, and making sure the organizational adoption process is effective.

Integration with LinkedIn:

Substantial amount of HR staff time is spent on paperwork and data feeds on multiple systems. One of the biggest challenges for HR team is to integrate information from a variety of sources including LinkedIn profiles, Resumes, Work templates, and Real-world applications that must fit the criteria for each roleDynamics 365 for Talent’s compatibility with LinkedIn’s Recruiter Service provides HR access to the right tools for staff recruitment. Organizational acceptance and continued retention make the whole recruitment process more transparent. Searching for new talent directly from LinkedIn, getting each candidate’s LinkedIn profile, sending calendar-friendly invitations, conducting interviews and managing interviews with a single console are the benefits of this feature.

Empowering employees:

Employees who feel appreciated and empowered always do more than expected. Dynamics 365 for Talent puts employees at the center of everything and enables them to take full control of their administrative tasks. This product enables them to focus on new initiatives and programs that are close to business goals and provide the insights needed for action. It also displays all the information needed for executives on weaknesses, competencies, and provides insights through designated Power BI reports. Employees can get the right tools for their day-to-day operations, the analytics needed to streamline processes, facilitate the dynamics and optimize HR applications.



Dynamics 365 for Talent includes: Attract, On-Board and Core HR.

(from $40 per HR user/month and from $8 per employee/month)

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